Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Very Pink Valentine !!!

Good Morning !
I have just one card to show you today; I hope you like pink !
As you know , I have been having a good crafty spring clean out and in doing so have come across lots of lost stash and some cards that I had forgotten I had made. This time last year I was not involved with SU and thought you might like to see one of the cards I made then !

I thought I would share it with you, as I particularly like the layout and will probably have a go at replicating it using my SU stash. It also illustrates how your style changes depending upon what materials you have available. 
The bit I like the best is the raggy heart ( click on the photo for a close up ), I used heavy watercolour paper which I stamped over and then lightly pencilled my heart shape onto. I then took a waterbrush with plain water and worked this into the pencil line. When it was damp enough and the water had absorbed into the paper, I gently tore out the shape with a little coaxing ! I learnt this at a craft club I used to go to and it's a useful technique particularly for irregular shapes !

This is one of my fiddly cards with lots of detail and sometimes I really like to get my teeth into one of these !
I have more valentines to show you over the next couple of posts, so do please stop by to have a look !
If you are anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, stay warm and wrap up well!!! Thanks for you visit !
Hugs Jane x

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  1. Jane this is so pretty and thanks for the tip with the waterbrush. x


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