Thursday, 29 January 2015

Early Valentines Day Layout !

Hello ! 
It has been chaos here in the last few weeks and my craft room has been moved which as you know is not an easy 5 minute job !!! I have had to reorganise everything and in the process sort out all my stash - how on earth did it get so out of control?? On the upside I have found lots of gorgeous stash I didn't even know I owned and can't even remember buying !! Does any of this sound familiar ?? Now order has been resorted, except that I can't find most things now they have been tidied away !!! However I have finally managed to do some crafting in preparation for a class I am teaching on Valentines day - traditional colours and a return to my vintage style too !! So within my comfort zone !!! 

Hopefully I will now get in the craft room a little more often although I yearn for more space ( don't we all !! ) ! Happy crafting and thanks for stopping by ! 
Hugs Jane xx