Monday, 25 July 2011

White Lace and Promises !

Morning ! Hope you had a great weekend ! Ours was busy but enjoyable and I spent a very nice day on Sunday crafting with a lovely friend who I hadn't seen for a while. Although, I have to say that she achieved far more than I did as I talk rather too much !!! We had a nice lunch out in the garden and it was so good to talk crafting all day !!! It's a girl thing !
I have some wedding inspiration for you today, again very simple but I hope effective. Wedding design can become overly complex and it is so easy to gild the lily rather too much ! The best designs are those that show restraint and are elegant and understated.

This card was made for the lovely daughter ( and her new husband !) of our old next door neighbours; we attended their wedding in Edinburgh over the Easter weekend and it was probably the most romanic wedding ever ! The card features clusters of tiny flowers in a heart shape, punched from different papers and embellished with some ivory and gold pearls. The background is stamped with a simple swirl in a pearlised ink onto a textured paper. I always used really good quality cardstock for wedding cards and invites usually with a textured surface because this type of card needs to be really special !

These are tags I make up as ideas for cards, again they can be used as toppers or as gift tags for wedding gifts.

A simple stamped background and a pretty punched edge with beautiful script is all that is needed ( oh, a a bit of bling ! ).

So, start with gorgeous quality card, keep your design simple and classic and choose a lovely script to enhance your card and your'e done!
I hope you have enjoyed this post, I do make cards and invites for Weddings and Christenings and if you like my style I would be happy to discuss your requirements and give you a quote without obligation. You can contact me via the link on my profile above.

Hope your day is good, do stop by again !
Hugs Jane x

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