Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Little Bird Thank You card !

Good Morning !
Another lovely summer day here in Worcestershire, but not too hot thankfully as I have lots to do !
I made this little card for my "upline" Jo and I really look forward to my Stampin' Up journey !

I love to start with an ivory / cream / vanilla piece of cardstock for my base ! I do do use lots of other colours but I like a soft look to my cards. The little birdie was found online, there are lots of free vintage downloads which look gorgeous used as toppers ( do check that they don't have a copyright; usually you are safe with anything over 50years old ! ). I have used my first ever stamp set from Stampin' Up for the background, it is called "Notably Ornate" and includes three other stamps too. I have vintaged the edges by tearing, rolling and inking and added my little flowers.
 Jo thought the card was exactly as she imagined my style to be and she is right it really typifies what I do ! However I do experiment and I do dabble in new things as you will learn !
I also love quotes and will add them in here and there for you perusal ! I like this one by Duane Michaels  very much ~

"Trust that little voice in your head that says ' Wouldn't it be interesting if.....' and then do it ."

Have a wonderful day wherever you are !
Hugs Jane x


  1. Love the stamping style and the idea of using free vintage images. Cant wait to see more ideas! Rosie.

  2. Like the card ideas and the quotes - please do more. Rosemary


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