Sunday, 17 July 2011

Happy Sunday !

Hope your Sunday is going well ! Today I have some " big " flowers for you just to prove that I can do other things ! It's still a flower though I hear you say !!!
I made this card for my lovely daughter; they almost always come out pink ! I love pink and lime green together, it is a timeless and fresh combination of colours which I never tire of using.

I like to use pattern on pattern when it comes to papers; it is so easy to feel that you always have to start with a plain background. There are no rules in paper crafting, just experiment by laying down your components before you commit to glue !

Sometimes it's just nice to stick to a simple layout and design when you are using lots of pattern. This is a really simple card to make but it is large scale and therefore has quite an impact !

I'm busy making baby cards for an order , so look out for those over the next few days. I'll be using some beautiful images from Stampin' Up and some lovely templates to make the cards a little more special

Enjoy what's left of the weekend! Looks like rain here which is a relief really as the garden is starting to look a bit sad and dry.
Hugs Jane x

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  1. I love the large flowers and the way the die cut leaves look as if they are growing up the page. Beautiful Card!! Thanks for sharing :) Rosie x


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