Monday, 18 July 2011

Welcome Baby Cards !

Morning ! Rather chilly here today and so blustery, still at least my washing is drying well on the line !!!

As promised I have some baby cards to share with you; the template ones are still in production ! I like to put a little stamp design on the envelope of some of my cards, it just is a little extra simple touch. This card is A5 and all in cream and pale sand, it works for boys and girls ! The image is from an old card from the 1960's; I have quite a stash of these as my dear Mum saved them so now I'm enjoying them all over again  ( don't actually remember them first time round to be honest !!! )

It's  a really cute image and that is why I have kept the design quite simple. The bunny stamp from Stampin' Up, is one of four wood mounted rubber stamps, all baby themed and called " Little One ". It's a lovely traditional stamp set and sits nicely on vintage cards. This card is from my "Vintage Baby "collection, but each card I make will be slightly different making them unique !

Another card using "Little One " stamped onto cream lined paper and simply cut out with a plain row of pink braid added.

These cards are tiny so simple is best !

By investing in one stamp set you can achieve so many different looks and with this set I have't even begun to experiment. The bootees could be stamped as a background like a ditsy print, as could the baby bottle also in the set but not shown. The bunny and the pram could be coloured in , embossed, decoupaged.......the possibilities are endless ! I expect you are like me and have stamp sets that you have either never used or only use one or two favourites from !!! Get them out and mix them up; you will be surprised at what you have !
Have a good day and please visit again !
Jane x

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