Thursday, 27 February 2014

12 x 12 Canvases for a Very Special Girl - part 1 !

Hello ! I have been working on some special projects for my daughter - I have already shared with you a quote book that I made for her 21st birthday and today I have the first of two 12 x 12 canvases to show ! The plan is mount them eventually in ivory or light oak frames but the size is difficult to get hold of ! However - I have had some success today so plan to check them out soon weather permitting !! Here is the first - they are blue themed as this is the colour my daughter loves and it will be the colour of her bedroom when she leaves home - so she tells me ! They are a little vintage for her but I think a contemporary frame will tone them down a little ! 

We all have favourite verses/poems/books we used to read to our children when they little and a particular favourite in our house was always Winnie the Pooh - he gives such good advice on life and I just love this verse and it seemed apt for a child who is about to become a true adult - just to let her know that I will always be there for her ! 
If you have any questions about this project please do contact me on the link on the right ->
Thank you very much for stopping by and happy crafting ! 
Hugs Jane xxx

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  1. These are lovely Jane - so pretty and inspirational too - I'm sure your daughter will love them. Gill x


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