Sunday, 31 March 2013

Elements of Style Framed Mirror 1

My body clock is out of sorts today - I'm never very with it on the day we lose/gain an hour and I still haven't really worked out which it is this time as hubbie changed the clocks last night to confuse us all ! The only issue is he didn't change all of them so I have idea what time it really is !!! LOL ! I do know one thing though - Easter Sunday lunch will be late because I have to blog first ! Still sunny BTW  !!! 
Here is a little mirror I made in a similar way to the last project using the stamp set Elements of Style and finishing off the frame with lots of large SU pearls. I love the pearls but find I don't use the large ones at all so end up with them left over - they were just perfectly proportioned for framing the mirror ! 

I glued the pearls on with crystal effects and use SU gold embossing powder to lift the design and add a bit of glamour ! One of my all time favourite large stamps En Francais makes a perfect background ( stamped in basic grey )  and the flower stamp was done in white embossing powder out of necessity ( the white pigment ink simply does not show up on the wood ! ) and to add more interest ! 

I kept this one very simple as the stamps are so beautiful I didn't want to overwhelm them with too much overstamping ! I suppose I can put off cooking for no longer !Enjoy the long weekend and thanks for your visit !
Hugs Jane x  

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