Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Top Note Postcards from Paris !

Hello ! 
Long time no blogging ! I have had some time out from my crafting over the Easter hols as I have moved my current crafting from my tiny cluttered craft room onto the dining room table ( the rest of it is still upstairs but sorted and I now have a good idea of where most things are ! ). I like to be downstairs with the doggies while I work and as we have a little breakfast room we can still eat at the table if we wish . Furthermore I want to teach more classes and I regularly have crafting pals round to play so it makes sense. Over Easter however, we did do more more entertaining than usual so all my goodies went upstairs for a rest and I was really too busy to craft, which sounds terrible , but you can't do everything !
I have a couple of samples to show you today ! I have been designing swaps for an upcoming SU training event and these are what I have come up with!

They are based on the top note die and naturals ivory card stock and I have tried to make them very representative of my particular style as I think the idea of swaps is to show different ways of using SU stash !

My little class started back yesterday and I am back in the groove, so to speak. I am quite excited about a new branch of craft that I want to get into and I am planning a class starting shortly as soon as I have finished all my samples. I went with my daughter Rosie to the craft show at the NEC in March and was thrilled to see all the lovely textile work on show. One lady had made the most amazing art journal based on a true love story and had added quotes, sketches, silk, embroidery, dried flowers, stamped tags and all sorts of lovely things, all mounted on a gorgeous textured Indian paper. I was bowled over by this piece of art and as I have a Textile background, was inspired to have a go at some mixed media creations. As far as I can see, Art journalling seems very loosely defined and I think that is really nice as you can mix all sorts of lovely things together and you don't need to be good at Art !! I'm very keen as you may have guessed !
Another reason why my blog has suffered a little is Pinterest; I love it and it has given me so much inspiration for projects and I really enjoy all the banter with fellow pinners ! So, to anyone visiting via Pinterest welcome and do come again ( I am usually a little more regular with my posting ! ). Also hello to new friends who have come via Gill's blog ( @lillybygilly )! I had a lovely surprise last week from the lovely Gill and will post shortly to tell you all about it !
Happy crafting !
Hugs Jane x


  1. So nice to see you back Jane after going AWOL :0) Your swaps are gorgeous and so pretty.
    Margaret x

  2. Save me one of your swaps please, love it happy pinning, see you in a couple of weeks x

  3. What stunning swaps you've made Jane - they'll all be queuing up to swap with you! It sounds like a great idea to bring your crafting supplies into the heart of the house (works for me!) and you sound very inspired! Vicky x


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