Sunday, 18 September 2011

Happy Sunday !

Good Morning !
As promised I have a journal and a small art folder for you today which I made recently for my own use. I usually like to make my own embellishments as they are more unique and of course they are more cost effective too, but sometimes you find some ready made that you just cannot resist and that is the case here ! I keep in stock some favourite pieces for that odd time when you need to run a card up quickly and of course they mix well with your own homemade embellishments too.

This is my art folder which hold A4 papers, all the elements are already made, I just put them together, but I did add some stamped script to the backgrounds ! I focused on texture and keeping the cover fairly flat for practical reasons. The blue paper used under the border is flocked and just yummy and the pre made daisy and bee accents are glossy and self adhesive.

This is my journal and as you can see my favourite little green birdie has popped up again ! He just fitted in so nicely with this project ! The art journal was covered by cutting the paper larger and overlapping neatly before being glued on the inside cover. This one was a blank album with a pre cut shaped edge so the cover was cut to size and glued well using tape and PVA and when it was dry I sanded the edges and added some ink to define the shape. I also added extra ink to the daisy card and some script.

Here is a bit more detail. I have made these papers and toppers my own by adding stamping and this is a good way to personalise your work. I concentrated on making these neat and well glued to ensure durability as they are designed to be used. I love botanical images and was pleased with the results even though they have not been from scratch !!
Must dash now, off to my local farm shop to buy lovely fresh vegetables, fruit and bread for the week ! have a great Sunday wherever you are ! 
Hugs Jane x

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