Monday, 12 September 2011

Autumn Leaves !

"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness..........."

What a blustery day it has been here today in Worcestershire ! I have spent a lovely afternoon crafting with a new friend and rather by chance our theme was Autumn leaves ! We were using a stamp set by Stampin' Up called "French Foliage" and very versatile it is too as you can see from the little projects shown below.

The challenge is trying to do something new with this stamp set as it is widely available around the world and so well used !

This card is so simple and uses rich Autumn colours both in the choice of inks and card. If you click on the image for a good close up you will see that I have used a dried out piece of Silver Birch bark; at this time of year there are lots of gorgeous finds available in your garden which can be used on projects. Birch bark is like papyrus and takes ink on a stamp really well. I attached this piece using double sided sticky tape and then stamped over it. The leaves were stamped and cut out leaving a tiny margin so you don't loose the lovely shape of the stamped image. I clustered some leaves together and finished with a grosgrain bow. I stamped some leaves on the envelope to frame the name or address.

This easy tag took about a minute to make and is so simple, it can be used as a topper or a gift tag.

This band for a candle was given a fancy edge and by using a punched topper with an added sentiment and tag and of course more lovely Autumn leaves, turns a basic candle into a nice personalised gift.

I made a wreath from some fallen birch twigs from the garden ( just twist some long lengths together, no need for wire ) and then added some leaves which I stamped and then left to dry for a hour and then covered in 'Crystal Effects'.  The Crystal Effects protects the leaves from dust but also make them maleable so you can bend them to add more dimension.When this had dried I cut out the leaves and added some wire to the back with tape leaving about 7 cms at the end of the stem so it could be attached to the wreath !

I made lots of extra leaves, firstly to make my display look pretty but mainly so I have some ready for my next project !

A close up of the leaf cluster. Play around until you get a pleasing arrangement. The bow is a basic one with a contrast colour knotted over the knot if that makes sense, just something a little different !

I loved doing this themed project, and if you have any queries about the materials used or any of the techniques please do contact me via the link on my profile and I would be glad to help. All the materials used are available via me from Stampin' Up and the new catalogue is out on 1st October !

Thanks for stopping by ! 
Hugs Jane x

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